TMA Update


From time to time I will be publishing the updates on the learnings and what is going on with the company and the progress we are making in a very short format. It’s mostly to document, reflect and learn.



We currently have switched all our focus towards the marketing after a pretty intense time focusing on the product development. We are missing another around $25k to finish the new app development and I am confided that we can get 70% of it from doing a presale to our audience. That is planned for end of July, before that happens though we are doing a big marketing sprint to set up systems and processes on the marketing and support side.

We have set up goals for a 90 days sprint but actually decided to break it down to 30 days sprint and then just go week by week andadjustt our stratgies based on what we are learning.

The rough game plan is

STAGE 1. Establish Basic Marketing processes (Email Marketing, Content, SEO, Social Media, Support)

STAGE 2. Launch a number of campaigns (Influencers Engagement, Moves Library, Podcast, You Tube, Giveaways, Summit)

All that helping us get ready for the big product launch and have everything in place to make that happen.

STAGE 3. Product Launch


As this is the last week of July this is what we are focusing on

Marketing Processes in Place for

  • Content Marketing (1 piece of content a week )
  • Content Promotion
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Support

These processes are really important and they are the first ones to focus as they will make a difference long term.

To make these happen we created processes in Trello, SOPs describing each step, including the videos etc and we are in process of hiring, testing different writers and VA who will be executing on those.

So far we have

  • Writers – they are covering different type of written content for us – Guides, Articles, case studies – they take it all the way to WordPress
  • Editor / Copywriter – responsible for final checks and final write-ups of promo emails and social media blurbs
  • Marketing VA – Responsible for SEO optimisation, other social media and content promotion
  • Instagram Marketer – focused only ON Instagram
  • Project Manager – the girl who is helping me with processes and organising SOPs for everything. She will also be managing all these folks.

Other projects we are working on in next 30 days.

  • Launching an affiliate program to our customers
  • Launching a new version of the ebook (almost done)
  • Email marketing – we have  a new sequence coming, putting a calendar on sending new emails every week, adding to our sequence etc
  • Content Creation for the new app – both Becky and Artem are making pictures and videos for the new app – there is over 1000 different exercises so its a looooot of content that we not only need to create but also organise. This is the basic content and we will be collaborating with other trainers to create a more specialised content eg. for human flag
  • We are switching to a membership model – and Dani – our backed Rockstar has been working really hard to make that all happen. We are just missing a cancel button
  • Fixing our analytics
  • Setting up FB Ads

Goals for this week (in order of priority)

  • Redo our pitch deck and send it to a designer for Berlins presentation
  • Hire VAs to take care of SEO/ WordPress, Support, Instagram
  • Finalise SOPs for Support, Instagram, Content
  • Finalise pictures for Ebook – and pass it onto Inna for design
  • Pass on to Alex Project Management for the content we are creating and organising it.
  • Emails: Send an update to everyone re the app + schedule a small
  • Establish Email marketing schedule
  • Change the pricing to membership

Some good news:

We just got an email that we made it to a selection stage for LEAD Sports Accelerator – an incubator particularly sports startups that take place Sept – Dec in Berlin this year. We beat almost 500 other startups and made it to selected 30 that got invited to the next stage of the recruitment which takes place in around a week in Berlin.

I will be most probably flying to Berlin to pitch and meet investors next week.


That’s it – see you next week



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