Success Is a Habit – Use this one tool to turn every day into a success and feel great!

I have been telling my friends recently about the little thing me and my few close friends do every day to develop and keep the habit of being successful.  We call it a success thread.

We call it a Success thread

It`s  a simple email thread which we send to each other’s every single day which includes usually 10 things we are grateful for today, 5 successes from previous day and 5 goals we wish to accomplish today.

Success breeds success

Its premise is simple. We are creatures of habits. Research shows that those who participate in a daily routine are 3 times more likely to stay on their program than those who participate 6 days a week and fare 5 times better than those who participate 3,4 or 5 times a week. Therefore for the best results, use your program daily.

Additionally ”like attracts like” and “success breeds success”. The more you feel successful the more success will come your way. You cannot feel successful if you do not look for and acknowledge your successes. The successes can be major or minor it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you acknowledge yourself for whatever you did do.

Do not look for what you did not or did not get done or could have done better. That’s a loser’s way of looking at the world. Look specifically for the progress you made in the arena be it financial, business, health, fitness, relationship, learning, servicing or any other.

So we write everything from big wins eg.

  • I made X sales
  • I had a meeting with investor

to the tiny ones like

  • I watched a movie and relaxed
  • I made a delicious dinner.

Point is – you HAVE to write 5 or more no matter what!

We do it in an intimate group of very close friends. From time to time somebody will through an inspiring quote, scream whop whop and acknowledge others. And it does a few things for us

  • Keep everybody in the loop even if we are not talking directly on what is happening with everybody else’s project.
  • Motivate us and makes us feel good
  • Makes us feel like a successful badgers every single day
  • Pushes us to actually get something done to put on our list


Team Success Thread

We tried it also in a team settings and it worked just great. It raises engagement and accountability. For us as founders it was a great way to track our team which was working remotely in a softer manner than we usually do. Everyday everybody share the 3 things

  1. 5 biggest successes
  2. Biggest challenges and how you plan to overcome them. Do you need any help from anybody?
  3. 5 things you plan to accomplish on the next day.

On our weekly meetings we would do the same thing. Celebrate all the successes from the week from each person and review their focus areas for the next week. We loved and our team too. It is a great way to stay in touch and on track with what everybody is doing, keep transparency and keep pulse on all the challenges your team face on the day to day basis.


To sum up – the frequency of which I do this exercises is directly correlated with how I feel and how well I tackle every day. There is plenty of research showing that gratitude is one of the biggest factors leading to wellbeing. Starting the day with the positive attitude and knowing that there is so many things I can be grateful for sets the theme for a whole day. Feeling of being successful just naturally makes me successful the following day.  What you focus on Expands.


What are your daily habits that are keeping your moods up and make you perform great?

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