Stepping Into being more

Amazing email from Adrienne Dorison – is excatly how I am feeling right now


The most uncomfortable part of this entrepreneurial journey is stretching — not stretching what you’re doing — but stretching who you are being.

I know that’s what makes this program different.

It requires you to BE the leader your ideal business really needs.

The program will actually show you that the DOING is secondary…that you’ll actually be DOING LESS, but you’ll be BEING more.

More of who you really want to be.
…the visionary leader who wakes up each day knowing exactly what to focus on to leave a bigger impact on the world…{not just do more busy work…}

More of who your team needs.
…relaxing, releasing and trusting that your team member(s) are operating in their zone of genius…so that YOU don’t have to…

More of who the world needs to create the impact you desire.
…the giver who shows up in service with a full heart, not just to make more money themselves, but to show the world through embodiment and modeling how to create real change…

More of who you already know you are…
…the leader, the giver, the visionary, the CEO…

So, if you’re worried that this program will require you to DO too much work…I’d like for you to take a moment to think about what you’re really afraid of…and it’s not the doing.

Let’s be honest…you’ve never been afraid of the doing…

…you’re OVERdoing.

It’s the BEING you’re afraid of this time.

Maybe you’re more nervous about WHO this program is going to require you to finally become, not what it requires you to do.
But I know you’re ready.

And if not now, then when?

When will you ever be BOLD enough to become the leader you’ve always been meant to be?
When will you be READY enough to become the giver your heart desires you to become?
When will you be CLEAR enough to step into the bigger vision?
When will you be POWERFUL enough to fight for the people who can’t fight for themselves?
When will you be CONFIDENT enough to realize who you are being is defining what you are doing …not the other way around.

You’re waiting to BECOME the person your business needs until you have time to DO different things…but that’s not how this works.

Only when you change who you are BEING, what you are DOING will shift too.

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