Short or Long Sales Copy for Testing Your Product Online

The conversion optimization craze continues. While demographics offers wide range of data that allow you to evaluate different measurable metrics in analyzing the market behavior, the use of a value system in your internet marketing strategy can be game changing and you will be surprised that you can optimize your sales with a significant boost in your market performance. The small changes can make a big difference especially when testing for new products or services.


So lets take that. Using the testing frameworks following Tim Ferris, Noah Kaghn and many others supporters of lean startup we very often put new products out there to see if they stick. And believe me that copywriting here can make or break you. The debate about whether we should do a short copy or a long copy always arise. So this time I decided to do a bit more research and look into what its better


Sales copy strategy can become a lucrative business scheme however this target goal only becomes possible whenever you do it right. And what is interesting what is right is not black and white. Most internet sellers use both long and short sales copy and there are varying views on which of the two are more effective in boosting market sales. Nevertheless let`s have a look at what  arguments we have behind each one.


Short or Long Sales Copy


Both the long and short sales copy has its own pros and cons. The key in determining which one works best will depend upon the subject matter of your sales copyrighting. Here are some of the revealing insights that evaluate the benefits of both and their disadvantages as well.


Roland Mirabueno of Mind Valley Insights provided a critical analysis about the sale performance between long and short sales copy by running a test between the two on their Silva Life System website. The long copy presented loads of detailed information on the website while the short copy mainly provides a brief presentation of information only highlighting the essential elements that the customers will likely be interested to know about the services. The outcome showed that the short copy yields 300% of revenue boost than the long copy. It turns out that long copy can be quite laborious for a customer to read and can be a daunting task to absorb wide range of information. Chances are a customer will lose interest once they are going through this laborious process of long sales copy presentation. Short copy on the hand provides a more concise presentation of valuable information that helps a customer make a quick buying decision.

short copy long copy

Contrary to this above analysis favoring short over the long sales copy, the website Marketing Experiments revealed that the long copy offers higher revenue in sales. In this case, the findings were drawn from comparing the site conversions between two landing pages (one consists of long description of the product and the other with a short product description) that prompt visitors to click on an order page and shopping cart. The outcome results a higher return of profit from the long sales copy. This is because sending customers to a short copy takes the customer too abruptly to the order process without giving them the ample opportunity to get acquainted to your products well.

The variance in outcome


There is a varying result in terms of which is better between the long and short sales copy. In one aspect, the long copy may be more beneficial with a better return of investment and in certain instances, the short copy is better. Long sales pitch tends to bore your customers however it is beneficial when you are selling technical products that require your customers to be properly educated about its use and benefits. Some customers will want to learn more about the products features and benefits and a long sales copy tends to satisfy their needs to obtain more information with more knowledge to gain that will help them make an informed buying decision.


Short sales pitch can offer concise and quick information that will be persuasive enough to convince your customers to buy your product. However, a very short sales copy may not provide you your target ROI whenever it is too concise that will not answer some of the information that your potential customers need to know. The key to an effective short sales copy therefore is to write concisely but must include important information that will be relevant to the usual query of a customer about a particular product. Writing too short and too long can be disastrous to your internet marketing efforts.


Which is better – It Depends


Internet marketers should be prudent enough to understand their customer buying behavior before they choose between the short and long sales copy. Both have its own advantage features that can be drawn out from your marketing efforts to convince your customers to make a sale conversion. A sales copy guideline will help you identify which will work best for your needs. The general rule in sales copywriting is writing as much as you can but nothing more than necessary. A long sales copy can answer more objections and it helps a marketer explain important technical details which a customer will likely not familiar about. It is also more important when marketing high value items in order to convince customers to buy expensive products. A short sales copy can bring more actionable information to your potential customers which can prompt them to buy immediately. Using a hybrid sales copy scheme seems to bring your options to a neutral ground of bringing both the long and short sales copy integrated together in your hybrid sales page. You can easily engage your customers by using infographics like posters that will give valuable instructions to your customers and at the same time will reveal information that your customers need to know. You can then start marketing your hybrid sales pages through email and social media marketing.

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