Quarterly Review Jan-March 2017

So first 3 months of the year are gone. Time to reflect, refocus and re-strategize.

I set up some extremely aggressive goals at the beginning of the year. The goals were outcome goals mostly which depends on a lot of things to be in place. I like it that way. I like the challenge.

The game is thought to:

  • set them up in the way that won’t make you overwhelmed
  • If you miss them still managed your mindset around them.

I need to say that actually having delays and not meeting these goals at times brought my energy down, which going forward makes me examine hard how I am setting up my goals and put systems in place that enables me to predict that uncertainty.

One thing I have learnt though is to let go of things that are out of my control. More on that below.

So what did go well (HIGHS)

  • We moved to a beautiful Island of Koh Phangan and iI just absolutely loved it
  • I started off really well. Very focused, applying m morning and night routine, building momentum and discipline to tackle the most challenging parts of the project.
  • We have our first full-time intern coming in January from Europe
  • Had the most amazing mastermind event with a group of incredible people. Transformational as usual.
  • Felt (and feeling) really close with my partner in crime Amar and it has been great having both of us just extremely focused on business
  • Daily meditation and exercise at the beach
  • Keep the nightly reflection

What did not go well

  • Due to many reasons the intern we hired wasn’t a good fit for an ongoing basis
  • We are making quite a bit of regular revenue yet with the app coming I felt like I didn’t not put enough energy into marketing
  • Struggling with hiring the development team especially Angular/ Native Script developer and feeling out of  control in terms of development process and project management
  • Struggling with having tough conversation and making a division between friendship and business
  • Losing momentum for a couple of weeks
  • Recurring feeling of homesickness


  • bi-weekly content creation
  • Weekly video check-in on the business
  • Weekly financial review ( i did plan them from the beginning of the year and never executed
  • Setting more process goals, aggressive goals with dates but not being attached to dates.




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