How badly do you really want it

I hear so many EXCUSES. Everything from

  • [insert the country you live in] is not good enough
  • I don’t know enough
  • I don’t know how to get started
  • I don’t have money
  • I don’t have a support network.
  • I have a job

And honestly, I think these ones are ok. These are explicit excuses –  You can work with them.

The WORST are those silent ones. Those unconscious. Those not visible, those which DON’T seem like excuses or complaints at all.

I had this amazing conversation with a very smart woman who is telling me how she doesn’t like her job and really wants to quit, but it’s struggling. She loves to travel. For every excuse she has to not to do it ,I am offering a number of solutions.

After a while, there is no more “buts”. She runs out of excuses.

It feels like we hit the wall. Feels like she says she wants to change but doesn’t really. (???)

Like there is some unconscious, or now maybe more conscious, resistance running through her head and showing up right now when all the excuses were smashed.

Here is the thing.

  • Everyone like the idea of living the life they love.
  • Everyone like the idea of growing and being an entrepreneur.
  • Everyone like the idea of traveling and moving every 6 months to see our beautiful planet.
  • Everyone likes the idea of being a millionaire.


The problem is 99,99% just don’t want it bad enough

I promise you if you haven’t taken action yet – you don’t have strong enough reasons to pull you where you need to be. 

And there is a chance that you will stay that way, for years. Maybe even forever.

Never taking a chance, never living the live you wont, never taking any risk because the time was not right, and you weren’t ready and this and that….

And those REASONS that will pull you forward don’t magically appear. They don’t come in a form of some insight or a revolution. Sometimes you will need to hit a wall to change but there is an easier way….


“Until you really want to change, you won’t, even if deep down you believe you should.

Yet, once your desire shifts, changing your behavior is instant and effortless. If you no longer desire bad food, it’s not hard to “resist” it. Willpower is for people who haven’t made up their minds. Willpower doesn’t work.

If you no longer desire mediocrity, you won’t be mediocre. Herein lies a subtle and disarming truth — everything you have in your life is what you want. If you wanted something different, you’d have something different. As James Allen wrote, your circumstances reveal you.

Own it.

Until you own it, you’ll continue to be delusional. Once you own it, you can begin the process of change.”

So how do you develop something that pulls you so strong that nothing else matters?

1.Extreme Ownership

Before anything, you need to develop an attitude of extreme ownership.

You need to take responsibility for EVERYTHING that is happening to you. No excuses.

2. Vision

Then you need to develop the pull.

And this its easier a strong enough vision for how you want your life to be OR

a strong enough vision for what you will never settle for, what you will never want in your life. It’s the feelings you never want to feel again its things you hate, its thing you refuse to happen.

They need to be vivid, details and solid so when you think about them they CAUSE EMOTION.

3. Repetition

Once you have both – you bring them in front of you EVERY SINGLE DAY. No, not once a month, not just once a year when you are reflecting.


I am not joking. Consistency is a key here.

Believe me if you won’t – IT Won’t HAPPEN. GUARANTEE. You must KNOW what you know and what you dont WANT. And remind  yourself about it every single day!

Researchers in the USA looked at millionaires and billionaires, examining the differences between the two groups. One fascinating difference was that millionaires looked at their goals once a day and billionaires looked at their goals twice a day! They say ‘it costs nothing to look’, which is generally correct but the reverse is definitely true in this case. If you don’t look, it will cost you! Having a date for your dreams is like giving a student a deadline for an assignment. All the action is last minute,and if you didn’t set a deadline you’d never get it done!

4. Take Chances – Its fun!

Ready to stop being mediocre?


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