If you are looking to accelerate your growth in the area of copywriting, editing, writing, content management, social media, learn marketing skills hands on and apply them to an impactful project…

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The Movement Athlete’s  mission is to teach and create tools to empower individuals to get moving. Our work is to make learning body weight and movement disciplines like calisthenics, gymnastic, acrobatics and skills like handstands, cartwheels, backflips, human flags easy, fun and safe for everyone.

To do so we provide education (through our media platform and offline workshops) and build an innovative app which gamyfies the process of learning variety of bodywieght movements and turns it into a life long journey (instead of another 8-week program) to help our athletes on a daily basis. 

We currently work with a number of coaches, physiotherapists and trainers from all sort of disciplines including circus, calisthenics, gymnastics, acroyoga, tricking, parkour.

We have been working on this project for just under a year, built an MVP, pre-sold it, validated the market, made over 100k in revenue doing so and we are ready to take it globally in next 12 months. And that’s where you come in. 

Are you up for a challenge? 


We are looking for a high-energy, growth-hungry marketing intern to join us for a 3-month REMOTE internship (full or part time) – or you can join us in Chiang Mai in Thailand!

This is initially a 12-week long Internship, with a small SALARY, which we WANT TO to turn into LONG TERM FULLY PAID remote opportunity for the right person. We really looking for someone who is looking for  a LONG TERM opportunity, not just another geek. 

We are an early stage startup hence this position is perfect for someone who wants to get their foot in the door, grow together with the company and jump into high responsibility role without politics. A small salary will be offered for the initial test period ($800 full-time) that should turn into a fully paid part-time or full-time role.



We will be hiring one or two people who will be able to help us within these areas

-Content Rockstar (writing, editing)

  • Ideally, you are a native speaker whose super power is writing & editing content

-Influencer Manager

  • It will involve building relationships and striking deals with partners, affiliates and be looking for ways to work together. You will be involved in identifying, building relationships and eventually partnerships with a  number of athletes and trainers

-Social Media Marketing Manager

  • You love social media, commenting, liking, engaging, deploying strategies that can make the biggest impact. You are always right on the top of the latest trends.


  • you want to learn the secrets of persuasion. You will be responsible for writing all our copy from emails to social media and learning what it takes to make an impact through words.


This is a great opportunity for someone to learn marketing hands and get an insight in what it takes to build a successful company.

  • Jump into a high responsibility role, prove your skills and play an instrumental role in the execution of marketing strategies
  • Educational resources and courses you need to succeed – You will be required to spend 30 min a day learning copywriting – either reading about it or going through some courses provided by us.
  • See from the inside all the processes it takes to bring a product to life with awesome marketing
  • Be a part of the global, remote team with an amazing culture designed to challenge you, make you grow and have fun
  • Join an early stage startup with benefits and potential stock options
  • Develop life-long connections & friendships
  • Gain confidence and skills you need to help any company with marketing (including your own)
  • Possibility for a long term role at an international startup and growing into a CMO position
  • Work closely with seasoned founders and a project that is aimed to go global in next 12 months
  • One on one daily coaching and in-person mentoring  to maximise your learning potential

For the initial 3 month period, a small salary will be provided.

Our intention for this few weeks is that you learn as much as you can, grow and come out of it with new skills, mindset and real life results to show for. All while having fun with an international team and making an incredible impact in the world 🙂



Our main goal for Summer is to launch of our media platform under The Movement Athlete brand.

DependYour main role coming in is to take over and manage our content creation process which would include

  • Content creation, management & distribution – including management of contributors and writers & team of designers
  • Copywriting (articles, sales emails, social media blurbs, WordPress management, seo)
  • Editing  & Quality control
  • Social media management (Instagram/FB/Twitter/)

Apart from getting your hands’ dirty marketing wise and having the ability to create amazing results this is also an opportunity to challenge your thinking.

Note that we are a startup so it can be hectic and you will get to do a lot of random tasks marketing wise depending on the strategy we will be executing. from Virtual summits, giveaways, fun ideas to promote our product to anything you can come up with.




Most important for us. We can teach you any skills – but if you are not in the right mindset we might have trouble working together. We expect you to be

  • POSITIVE – creative and resourceful and you are able to solve problems and come up with ideas on the fly. 
  • Extremely INDEPENDENT and you take responsibility for creating results. (Once the strategy is determined you will not be micro-managed or have to log your time – it’s all about execution, learning and creating results in the most optimal way)
  • You are DRIVEN BY LEARNING NEW THINGS and you like the idea of making an impact with your work and deliver incredible results
  • You are always GIVING 110% – and you are committed to creating a high quality, world-class products, content etc



For this role ideally, you are:

  • Natural and avid writer
  • You love copywriting and learning persuasion through words and formatting
  • extremely detailed orientated with flawless grammar
  • good at managing processes
  • a natural writer
  • comfortable making social connections and building relationships
  • Fluent in English (required; ideally a native speaker )

You will be doing a lot of editing, copywriting and be a guardian of a quality of everything we put out there.



  • We are looking to bring someone FULL TIME or part time for 3 months (if you are available almost full time that’s fine too, I know a lot of you will be having clients and your own projects) which will be extended to an ongoing working arrangement for the right person
  • Ideally after that period if it’s a good fit we would negotiate the salary and officially welcome you to the team. We are hoping to work with someone who will be able to grow into a high responsibility marketing role
  • If you decide to stay -your compensation will grow together with the company. There will also be stock options for the right person.
  • We are happy for you to work on your own thing during your free time and we will help you to make it happen.
  • During the interview, if selected, we will share with you more info about the company and the exact plans




If you are after a massive learning curve, high responsibility, place where you can try out your creativity, put together a strategy,  execute on it and grow and have fun in the process. This is a place for you.






We are a young growing company in a digital fitness space. – building tools to empower a new wave of athletes – using their own bodyweight to release their full physical potential.

We believe that there is a major shift happening in the fitness industry. Please read our manifesto here

The Movement Athlete’s  mission is to create tools and education to empower individuals to get moving by making learning body weight and movement disciplines like calisthenics, gymnastic, acrobatics and skills like handstands, cartwheels, human flags previously, expensive and inaccessible, easy, fun and safe for everyone.

To do so we build innovative technology that acts like and replaces a team of coaches and physiotherapists for the first time enabling holistic athlete assessments, creating a fully personalised training, adjusting it based on user feedback and providing a game-like process of unlocking new moves as one get better.  

This new application of sets and rules opens up a completely new market & opportunity for anyone regardless age and fitness level to get on a lifetime journey of learning new skills & getting fit by just using their own body anywhere, anytime.

TMA also provides workshops, events and facilitate a worldwide community of The Movement Athletes.

Ideally – you would have some interest in movement as that’s the main thing you will be working on promoting 🙂


About The Team:  

We are a team of people who love to travel, adventure, movement as well as the thrill of building projects that can have a global impact.  We love what we do and we strive to inspire others and help them to do the same.  The Movement Athlete is a project which we want to take globally in next 12 months and we need someone who will help us get there.

Note that we are a fully remote team, meeting regularly on our company retreats in different locations so you will never be tied to one place if you choose to work with us.

We hope you join us on this awesome adventure and if you do you will be a joining a young company and have an opportunity to shape this organisation. 

Learn about Aga’s story  here


We believe in working hard while having fun, growing, and making a positive impact.Our work culture is based on respect, personal growth and freedom. High energy with massive learning curves and we strive to make sure that everyone involved is having lots of fun while achieving huge results. You will be working in a team with other people (mostly me )  but have a full responsibility of your own job.

Everything we do is driven by these 5 MAIN rules.

1.We give 150% to create a world class “everything”

We don’t do things half way, we give it all. We strive to create the best products, the best customer support, the most amazing experience for our customers. Simply build amazing thigs we can be proud of and our customers will love. 

  1. We have fun

If we are not having fun we stop doing it. It’s that simple. We doing what we are doing because we love working together on things which are bigger than us and we strive to have a good work/play balance. We believe that this fuels creativity and energy and enables us to create better products. 

  1. We are driven by growth

Everyday, we are learning new things and applying them. We use a reflection as a powerful tool to grow faster. Tighter feedback loops enable us to build awareness and adjust our strategies both personal and business ones. 

  1. We are driven by Impact

We believe that entrepreneurship is the most effective to solve problems and create an impact in the world. Everything we do should have a positive impact on anyone involved – our team, our customers, our environment and us.

  1. We value freedom & adventure

We are a fully remote team that values time out, self-awareness and living your own adventures.

If you join our team – our goal is to truly help you accelerate your learning and discover & release your full potential.




LEAVE YOUR EMAIL – and we will let you know if we have any other opportunities coming up.

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