Fighting with fear & making business play again


When I dropped out from uni I had a few strong beliefs and reasons in mind, which are very much reflective on how i operate and what are my priorities

  1. I saw entrepreneurship as a best way to make an impact in a way (wanting to make an impact)
  2. Entrepreneurship is the biggest growth machine (growth drive)
  3. I had so much fun building businesses with different people that I simply could not not do that (Play) – I love the game, love the processes, love ups and downs.


So every time business stop being a play – it means that something in my head is off.

Something is not working and things HAVE to change.


It’s been almost 8 years since that decision that changed my life and with all the ups and downs business is not always a play. Especially if you’re ligand livelihood depends on it. Where your basic safety is threatened.


So sometimes it’s simply not fun.

But there is a difference between these two states


  1. Being constantly stressed, threatened and feeling like things will fall apart and simply
  1. Being challenged, facing a challenge loving a challenge, loving the process, loving the downs and still playing, having fun, growing.


And the difference is in the MINDSET

Is in mine and yours self talk. Is how we talk to ourselves, how we treat ourselves and how we interpret the situation.


The self talk difference between

  1. How am I going to pay my bills next month?


  1. How can we make more money?


And no it’s not evident. Its subtle, It’s the thoughts you are unaware of that enter your mind and determine everything you do.


Beliefs —> Thoughts —> Actions —> Results


I have been in both. And I usually feel it in my body. I am sometimes to caught to be aware in my head but every time I can feel it in my body and how I show up in the world.


My body gets tense, I feel it in my throat, i find myself wanting to spend more time alone, I find it hard to move and it’s mostly because I am numb and frozen.

In that state – I execute on everything reactive and I am struggling with creative tasks

In that mode i usually drop the ball on my daily movement practice because it forces me to relax and flow and doing that would mean letting things go.


Flow = letting things go and be happy


When I am in the fight mode, I am really tense and numb. I am still fighting, executing, hustling  but it’s all from a space of fear, scarcity, instead of the place of abundance.


And last week I have been mostly in the second one.


So this week I am setting a very clear intention to PLAY.

To enjoy the game of business and hustle again. To come from a space of experimenting, abundance, impact, making things happen.


Because when I play that’s when I create my best strategies, best ideas – and hey – I enjoy it too.
In next post I will let you know what strategies I am playing to execute on to bring more play into our work this week.

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