DO NOT SETTLE – here is how!

“Your Playing small Does Not Serve The world”

Here is the thing. You came here for a reason.  You have talents others might not and your playing small does not serve the world.  Time to make some changes.


Making the leap for the life you really want might seem hard. But no matter what are your big dreams and desires you can make them happen. It will take time; it will take hard work but it will set you on the biggest adventure of your life.


My name is Aga and I am an average Joe –in polish an average Aga  – I was born on the border at Belarus and I am from a poor family. I have no special skills neither amazing talents, but I know that me and every single one of you have something incredible to offer.You have natural talents, things you are really good at, things you are interested in, your insights and thoughts, your heart. But the truth is that most of us will never even get close to realizing their full potential.

The Truth

The truth is that most of us will settle, will find excuses that the environment, parents, government,  will blame others or will even sabotage themselves thinking that they don’t deserve it, that they are not good enough, most of us wont even have the energy to go after what you want,  that later… eventually their creative and adventurous mind will get stifled and will stop fighting.  Something will die inside them but they will get used to the certainty and stability they have. Do not be that person.


This is a quick guide for all the rebels, for those who feel inside their hearts that there is something more, that they are capable of more, that they want to give, serve create, that they want to make their life an adventure.  If there is even a tiny bit of you saying that your life could be a bit better, that there is something bigger for you to do keep on reading.

Missing Intergradient

So we all have talents and something to contribute. But successful people have something more than a talent. They seem to be in the right place at the right time, they  have a drive, the passion, the right attitude,  the determination and the desire to create, to grow, to succeed, have the energy but all the more they have the mindset that they can  bring to alive whatever they desire.  These are the people who believe and make things happen.  I am sure you know them, they are usually happy, grateful for whatever is happening, humble, they are making small steps which adds up.  From outside it looks like they are always getting what they want and everything goes smoothly for them. They are ordinary and extraordinary at the same time.


Whatever you will do

I personally chose entrepreneurship as  a vehicle which not only enables me to realize my passions but also to serve people on a larger scale with the value I can provide. But this is not about setting your own business.  This is about going after what you want. And I encourage you to find the most effective way to use your talents to serve other and contribute to the world.

Get Started? Create your own luck!

Nothing happens instantly. Life is a journey and one decision very often follow another. Here are a few things which were and still are critical for me on my journey and you should keep in mind when you are starting on your own journey.  Whether you are it is important to be ready so when the right opportunity comes you can strike. They say that entrepreneurs are lucky. Getting ready means creating your own luck.  Putting yourself in the right environment, with the right mindset with right people – and watch the magic happens. When these things are aligned, the time is right, the opportunity will be right – but most important – you will be ready.


1.     Your mind will try to hold you back  – Master it

Being an entrepreneur is a mindset, like adventure is a mindset, being grateful for what you are and where you are is a mindset. Success is a mindset too. So to get on this road to get what you want you need to get the right mindset.  The right mindset is the mindset which will support you on your journey. A mindset which will tell, you can do it!  Let’s go! Let`s Try  And yes your mind will tell you million things, it will make you believe that you are scared, that people are bad, that this is not going to work, it will make you feel that you are not good enough, that you have no skills and knowledge. Learn to defy it every single time. Soon it will be under your command. Remember that you are the only one who can stop you from going after what you want.  Most important create positive expectations!


I strongly recommend Anthony Robbins work or work from the Harv Ecker on using some of their exercises to explore your beliefs about yourself and the world as you perceive, challenge some of them and change them. Or even taking some of their courses to understand the psychology of success.

2.     Cut Out A Crap/Noise

For a very long time I was a time effectiveness freak. I did not want to waste a second doing things which are not contributing to what I do and where I want to be. I would sleep in the office to save time and had headphones listening to personal development tapes every minute I was moving from one room to another. That was a bit extreme, but use your time to feed yourself with things which will inspire you, drive you forward and advance you as a human. Cut out the crap – your time eaters, the people who holds you back, TV shows. Instead relax watching ted talks or entrepreneurs, educational videos.. This will help you to stay in the zone, and when you are in the zone amazing things happen. tapes, videos, right people around will unconsciously get your mind to work and think about what is possible.  I love watching ecorner lectures from Stanford University or Ted Talks.

3.     Surround yourself with makers and doers

Hanging Out with them will enable you to become a maker and a doer. If you will spend enough time with the right people you will start thinking like them, and there will be no single conversations not including talking about new business ideas, solutions, and projects.  Do not be intimidated if you are just starting – go to networkings, attend Startup Weekends, join groups and just listen. From all the  groups I have been part of I have always found entrepreneurs groups the most inspiring – these are the people who constantly innovate, think forward, inspire – their life is one big adventures. Be around entrepreneurs and I promise you that your life will change.


4.     Have tons of energy

Your lifestyle, your diet, your exercises – make sure you have tons of energy, you eat the right food, you train – you will need energy to make things happen. You need this energy to create, staregize, go our there wen you do not want to show up,


5.     Set up your big Vision

This is what is going to drive you and keep you going. Your target, your dream lifestyle, this audition, or first passive income so can quit a job or go on and travel. Whatever it is make sure you do it for the right reason. If you just do it for the money – drop it- you time on earth is limited its not worth it.


There is lots of vision building and goal setting techniques, but you can simply ask yourself Where do you want to be in 10 years’ time? What kind of person you want to be? How do you want others to talk about you? How will you contribute to the world?


Make your vision big, make it exciting, and make it your dreamland.

7.     Commit

So you know where you are going. Now commit to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get there.

It will be a long bumpy road, but it will be filled with excitement. I promise you.  There is no trying, there is no dress rehearsal, you are committed to making it happen. Whatever it is give your 150%. Make sure you are in to win! There is no way back, there is no try you do or you do not. You will find a way, and in the darkest moments you will find or create a way to bring about what you desire.  These littl ssteps you will be doing at the beginning might seem so inisgnificant, bu have a trust in the process.


Just get out there and do it!

State what is that you want to do. Write down all the reasons why you want to do it. Make a plan – what needs to happen for you to get there. Go and get it.


What are the things you think should be added to this list?

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