Stepping Into being more

Amazing email from Adrienne Dorison – is excatly how I am feeling right now


The most uncomfortable part of this entrepreneurial journey is stretching — not stretching what you’re doing — but stretching who you are being.

I know that’s what makes this program different.

It requires you to BE the leader your ideal business really needs.

The program will actually show you that the DOING is secondary…that you’ll actually be DOING LESS, but you’ll be BEING more.

More of who you really want to be.
…the visionary leader who wakes up each day knowing exactly what to focus on to leave a bigger impact on the world…{not just do more busy work…}

More of who your team needs.
…relaxing, releasing and trusting that your team member(s) are operating in their zone of genius…so that YOU don’t have to…

More of who the world needs to create the impact you desire.
…the giver who shows up in service with a full heart, not just to make more money themselves, but to show the world through embodiment and modeling how to create real change…

More of who you already know you are…
…the leader, the giver, the visionary, the CEO…

So, if you’re worried that this program will require you to DO too much work…I’d like for you to take a moment to think about what you’re really afraid of…and it’s not the doing.

Let’s be honest…you’ve never been afraid of the doing…

…you’re OVERdoing.

It’s the BEING you’re afraid of this time.

Maybe you’re more nervous about WHO this program is going to require you to finally become, not what it requires you to do.
But I know you’re ready.

And if not now, then when?

When will you ever be BOLD enough to become the leader you’ve always been meant to be?
When will you be READY enough to become the giver your heart desires you to become?
When will you be CLEAR enough to step into the bigger vision?
When will you be POWERFUL enough to fight for the people who can’t fight for themselves?
When will you be CONFIDENT enough to realize who you are being is defining what you are doing …not the other way around.

You’re waiting to BECOME the person your business needs until you have time to DO different things…but that’s not how this works.

Only when you change who you are BEING, what you are DOING will shift too.

TMA Update


From time to time I will be publishing the updates on the learnings and what is going on with the company and the progress we are making in a very short format. It’s mostly to document, reflect and learn.



We currently have switched all our focus towards the marketing after a pretty intense time focusing on the product development. We are missing another around $25k to finish the new app development and I am confided that we can get 70% of it from doing a presale to our audience. That is planned for end of July, before that happens though we are doing a big marketing sprint to set up systems and processes on the marketing and support side.

We have set up goals for a 90 days sprint but actually decided to break it down to 30 days sprint and then just go week by week andadjustt our stratgies based on what we are learning.

The rough game plan is

STAGE 1. Establish Basic Marketing processes (Email Marketing, Content, SEO, Social Media, Support)

STAGE 2. Launch a number of campaigns (Influencers Engagement, Moves Library, Podcast, You Tube, Giveaways, Summit)

All that helping us get ready for the big product launch and have everything in place to make that happen.

STAGE 3. Product Launch


As this is the last week of July this is what we are focusing on

Marketing Processes in Place for

  • Content Marketing (1 piece of content a week )
  • Content Promotion
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Support

These processes are really important and they are the first ones to focus as they will make a difference long term.

To make these happen we created processes in Trello, SOPs describing each step, including the videos etc and we are in process of hiring, testing different writers and VA who will be executing on those.

So far we have

  • Writers – they are covering different type of written content for us – Guides, Articles, case studies – they take it all the way to WordPress
  • Editor / Copywriter – responsible for final checks and final write-ups of promo emails and social media blurbs
  • Marketing VA – Responsible for SEO optimisation, other social media and content promotion
  • Instagram Marketer – focused only ON Instagram
  • Project Manager – the girl who is helping me with processes and organising SOPs for everything. She will also be managing all these folks.

Other projects we are working on in next 30 days.

  • Launching an affiliate program to our customers
  • Launching a new version of the ebook (almost done)
  • Email marketing – we have  a new sequence coming, putting a calendar on sending new emails every week, adding to our sequence etc
  • Content Creation for the new app – both Becky and Artem are making pictures and videos for the new app – there is over 1000 different exercises so its a looooot of content that we not only need to create but also organise. This is the basic content and we will be collaborating with other trainers to create a more specialised content eg. for human flag
  • We are switching to a membership model – and Dani – our backed Rockstar has been working really hard to make that all happen. We are just missing a cancel button
  • Fixing our analytics
  • Setting up FB Ads

Goals for this week (in order of priority)

  • Redo our pitch deck and send it to a designer for Berlins presentation
  • Hire VAs to take care of SEO/ WordPress, Support, Instagram
  • Finalise SOPs for Support, Instagram, Content
  • Finalise pictures for Ebook – and pass it onto Inna for design
  • Pass on to Alex Project Management for the content we are creating and organising it.
  • Emails: Send an update to everyone re the app + schedule a small
  • Establish Email marketing schedule
  • Change the pricing to membership

Some good news:

We just got an email that we made it to a selection stage for LEAD Sports Accelerator – an incubator particularly sports startups that take place Sept – Dec in Berlin this year. We beat almost 500 other startups and made it to selected 30 that got invited to the next stage of the recruitment which takes place in around a week in Berlin.

I will be most probably flying to Berlin to pitch and meet investors next week.


That’s it – see you next week



Quarterly Review Jan-March 2017

So first 3 months of the year are gone. Time to reflect, refocus and re-strategize.

I set up some extremely aggressive goals at the beginning of the year. The goals were outcome goals mostly which depends on a lot of things to be in place. I like it that way. I like the challenge.

The game is thought to:

  • set them up in the way that won’t make you overwhelmed
  • If you miss them still managed your mindset around them.

I need to say that actually having delays and not meeting these goals at times brought my energy down, which going forward makes me examine hard how I am setting up my goals and put systems in place that enables me to predict that uncertainty.

One thing I have learnt though is to let go of things that are out of my control. More on that below.

So what did go well (HIGHS)

  • We moved to a beautiful Island of Koh Phangan and iI just absolutely loved it
  • I started off really well. Very focused, applying m morning and night routine, building momentum and discipline to tackle the most challenging parts of the project.
  • We have our first full-time intern coming in January from Europe
  • Had the most amazing mastermind event with a group of incredible people. Transformational as usual.
  • Felt (and feeling) really close with my partner in crime Amar and it has been great having both of us just extremely focused on business
  • Daily meditation and exercise at the beach
  • Keep the nightly reflection

What did not go well

  • Due to many reasons the intern we hired wasn’t a good fit for an ongoing basis
  • We are making quite a bit of regular revenue yet with the app coming I felt like I didn’t not put enough energy into marketing
  • Struggling with hiring the development team especially Angular/ Native Script developer and feeling out of  control in terms of development process and project management
  • Struggling with having tough conversation and making a division between friendship and business
  • Losing momentum for a couple of weeks
  • Recurring feeling of homesickness


  • bi-weekly content creation
  • Weekly video check-in on the business
  • Weekly financial review ( i did plan them from the beginning of the year and never executed
  • Setting more process goals, aggressive goals with dates but not being attached to dates.




Just get out there and try it. With indecision you are sure to fail. If you try it there is at least the possibility of success.


People are lousy.

I hear Aga you are so energetic.

I don’t have the energy to do that

Let me tell you something. YOU CREATE ENERGY – no one has been born with unlimited amounts of energy but if you want to create anything of value in this world you will need ENERGY.

And not just over 10 hours when you are awake. You will need energy which will get you through 12 h days, overnights because that is what it takes to build something.

There are a few tips and tricks I have learnt over the years to make sure my energy is HIGH.

Start with the foundation and get it right:  food + exercise


Fasting and more fasting. Read this article I have been doing fasting for years now and it’s insane how much it skyrocketed my productivity, not even mentioning rewiring my brain, increasing longevity and helping my immune system.


Lack of movement affects you more than you think and with our sedentary lifestyle it’s kinda insane how little we move. Even



  • Check room temperature

We are most productive when it’s a little bit cold

  • Check lighting
  • Clean your desk.
  • Get the music right


  • Check in with your mind. Do you have a clarity on what you are doing?
  • Are You feeling lousy because….


  • Change your physical position
  • 3 minutes high-intensity exercise to bring your heart rate up
  • smile or put the pen inside your mount





Fighting with fear & making business play again


When I dropped out from uni I had a few strong beliefs and reasons in mind, which are very much reflective on how i operate and what are my priorities

  1. I saw entrepreneurship as a best way to make an impact in a way (wanting to make an impact)
  2. Entrepreneurship is the biggest growth machine (growth drive)
  3. I had so much fun building businesses with different people that I simply could not not do that (Play) – I love the game, love the processes, love ups and downs.


So every time business stop being a play – it means that something in my head is off.

Something is not working and things HAVE to change.


It’s been almost 8 years since that decision that changed my life and with all the ups and downs business is not always a play. Especially if you’re ligand livelihood depends on it. Where your basic safety is threatened.


So sometimes it’s simply not fun.

But there is a difference between these two states


  1. Being constantly stressed, threatened and feeling like things will fall apart and simply
  1. Being challenged, facing a challenge loving a challenge, loving the process, loving the downs and still playing, having fun, growing.


And the difference is in the MINDSET

Is in mine and yours self talk. Is how we talk to ourselves, how we treat ourselves and how we interpret the situation.


The self talk difference between

  1. How am I going to pay my bills next month?


  1. How can we make more money?


And no it’s not evident. Its subtle, It’s the thoughts you are unaware of that enter your mind and determine everything you do.


Beliefs —> Thoughts —> Actions —> Results


I have been in both. And I usually feel it in my body. I am sometimes to caught to be aware in my head but every time I can feel it in my body and how I show up in the world.


My body gets tense, I feel it in my throat, i find myself wanting to spend more time alone, I find it hard to move and it’s mostly because I am numb and frozen.

In that state – I execute on everything reactive and I am struggling with creative tasks

In that mode i usually drop the ball on my daily movement practice because it forces me to relax and flow and doing that would mean letting things go.


Flow = letting things go and be happy


When I am in the fight mode, I am really tense and numb. I am still fighting, executing, hustling  but it’s all from a space of fear, scarcity, instead of the place of abundance.


And last week I have been mostly in the second one.


So this week I am setting a very clear intention to PLAY.

To enjoy the game of business and hustle again. To come from a space of experimenting, abundance, impact, making things happen.


Because when I play that’s when I create my best strategies, best ideas – and hey – I enjoy it too.
In next post I will let you know what strategies I am playing to execute on to bring more play into our work this week.


And here we go again. It’s first of January, new year ahead,  new chapter. Another year to grow and make a dent in the universe.

This year is a year of momentum – it’ss a big theme for me this is how I want to look at what I am building. I feel like in the past I would not be as consistent as I needed to be and that kills momentum. Momentum comes from consistency.

Below is a bunch of random thoughts, things that are important to be themes that I would like to guide me during this year,


Realising that was a big thing. Both from doing the Strenght Finder personality test but also analysing Anthony Robbins 8 human needs these 3 reflect what drives me and who I am as a human being. These drive all my behaviours and reflect my needs and usually guide my decision making.

  • – I am so hungry to grow, to push my limits to really get better every single day. I can sleep on a coach or an office floor if I only know that I am growing.
  • – I want to have a positive impact on everything around me, so whatever I do should contribute positively)
  • FUN
  • – fun and adventure is always very high up on my list. I love having new experiences and one of the reasons I do business is because I believe it’s fun.




ok, lets get on it. So here are some of the things I am hoping to achieve/ do / experience this year.

TMA (The Movement Athlete)

  • A content machine in pae – content being posted every single day
  • Great team in place
  • Team of trainers in place that create content every single week
  • Our first event scheduled
  • Solid revenue of over 30k / month all membership
  • One new product launched
  • Company Retreat at the end of the year


  • Move every single day even if it’s just a bit
  • Can do a number of acrobatics moves
  • Acrobatic Course in UK


  • My personal instagram account processes set up
  • 18 articles (2 a month)
  • 6 presentations posted
  • Weekly company updates sent out


  • Family reunion
  • A two week long celebration of me and Amar turning 30 this year in Thailand – where we can invite everyone and fly our families.



  • Meditation, reflection – morning/ evening – visualise the day + visualise the next day + write a to do list.
  • Training/ Moving every single day
  • Documenting my journey – 1 tidbit a day
  • Energy – monitor my food + green smoothies
  • Writing/ Listening to my goals Twice a day
  • Listening to Affirmations
  • Visualising the end of the year and making it clearer


  • Music meditation
  • Weekly finance review
  • Weekly relationship review – with other people
  • Weekly review of high/low patterns
  • Weekly rest + reflection


  • Self awareness
  • What can fuel my growth?
  • Growing the company – how to?
  • Insane focus + obsession (be a missionary)
  • To be in and out of state
  • Team management – be an incredible leader
  • Daily content creation



  • EXPONENTIAL GROWTH: stretches your talents, expands your mind, or tests your physical endurance
  • Unshakable belief in myself through – Self Awareness  – becoming so confident in myself, and humble, and solid that nothing will stop me, managing my mind on every front
  • Becoming a  leader – managing others and making the most of our their potential, helping them to realise their potential
  • Relationships fueled growth– 1. one on one mentorship, 2. tribe, 3. friendships



  • My goal is not to fall fast, my goal is to succeed long term.
  • I am not here to compete. I am here to win
  • Use your biggest flaws as your biggest advantages
  • “It’s not what you know – it’s what you d consistently
  • Don’t be a donkey – you have both
  • We are whatever we pretend to be
  • It’s the small details that make big difference for the company
  • Forward – We don’t stop. We don’t slow down, We don’t revisit decisions, We don’t second guess. Onward
  • Commit to having a strong view of things
  • Everything called life was created by people not smarter than you

My Theme for 2017 – Momentum – The Unstoppble Force

That feeling of things going your way, and even when a challenge pops up in front of you, the velocity you have rolls right over it. The best type of velocity is mental. When our mind is constantly working at overcoming the challenge, overcoming stumbling blocks, it means we’ve shi ed to a solution and positive expectancy mindset, which is an unstoppable force in our world.

Dear Female Founder…

Dear Female Founder,


Slow down. Take a deep breath.


I am so proud of you for being here, for showing up, for searching for answers.


This feeling you have inside tells you that there is more to life, and that you have tremendous potential. It’s real. Hold onto it. I promise you, you are here to create incredible things in your life. And even though sometimes you feel lost, beaten up, lonely and not enough, I want to tell you: everything will be just fine.


During our lifetime, we do a lot of silly things. We chase money for the wrong reasons, follow  fame, go to places we hate and do things we have no passion for.


Like many of us, you may feel like you need to live up to other people’s and society’s expectations; doing things you should be doing, instead of doing what you want to do.


After a while, you might realise that all you want is to be yourself and to follow your inner desires.


But it’s not easy. It requires you to be brave, to stand up for yourself and to work on your inner self. Friends might try to drag you back to safety and call you crazy. You might hit walls and run out of money. You might start questioning and doubting yourself.


Most of the people around you are tempted to give up in this situation, but not you. You will learn to become stronger and better.


Eventually, you will discover a few things you wish you would have understood sooner.


  1. Fall in love with yourself and follow what feels good


You are an amazing and unique person. You have talents, stories, experiences and thoughts that no one else has. You are here to share your gifts with others, to create tremendous value, to serve people while creating an abundance for yourself, your family and others.


I know that sometimes you feel that you are not enough. Not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart or outspoken enough.  


If you follow that negative voice in your head, it will make you doubt your gut, your decisions and yourself. It will unconsciously sabotage you financially and make you feel like you don’t deserve success, like you have nothing to offer. It will want you to give up on your dreams and follow others.


Don’t let it do that.  


Instead, fall in love with yourself. Your face, your body shape, and the way you walk and talk. It’s you, and you are so beautiful when you are yourself. Self-compassion is a skill you have to learn to be able to endure all the ups and downs that life has to offer. When you do that, you will be ready to make decisions. Not out of fear, and not because you wanted to prove something, but because you decided to do what’s best for you.


This is where everything starts. No one should ever tell you how to live your life. You are the only one who truly knows what’s best for you. Look inside and ask yourself: What do I love doing? What makes me feel good? When do I feel in the flow? Then do that.


It’s not as easy as it sounds. It requires you to get in touch with your emotions. You can do that through practicing mindfulness and meditation (Headspace, the meditation app, is a good place to start). When you do it sufficiently, you will discover a space inside you that  you can trust, which is solid, which is you. Do whatever it takes to connect with yourself. Once you know what you want, go after it with power and focus.


  1. Success is not what you think it is.


It has taken me a few long years to understand that following my own path and my own happiness is what really makes life worthwhile.


Overnight success does not exist. It takes years of consistent, committed effort to build something of value, whether that’s your business or your own personal development.


Examine your beliefs regularly and learn how to get rid of those that don’t support you anymore. Ask yourself today: What does success really mean to you and where do you want to be in one year, three years and ten years from now?


Find a mentor or a development programme, and read as many books as you can. ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Anthony Robbins has helped me tremendously. Exhaust all resources that are available to you.


  1. Sh*tty things happen. A lot. And that’s ok.

You will need to face a lot of tough situations on your entrepreneurial journey. Things will not go according to plan, projects will fail and some of your supporters will leave you. Don’t be harsh on yourself; know that this is normal. Think about what you can learn from each experience. Note it down, and then move on.  


At the end, life won’t be at all as you imagined it to be.


So stop guessing and go experience. Breathe life in with everything it has to offer.


This project you have been thinking about for a while? It’s time to make it happen. You are unsure or not feeling quite ready yet? Let me tell you, no one ever is.


Close this book and ask yourself: ‘What is one thing I can do today to push my dreams forward?’ Now, go and do it. Do you feel the fear creeping up right now? Kick it in the ass. You will rock it, I know. That is just part of your nature.


And one day, you will sit in your rocking chair, look back at your life and cry. They will be tears of joy, gratitude, and an immense love for life. And you will remember that day when you decided to absolutely own your life.


I am so proud of you.