How successful people eat hustle for breakfast

“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” -Mark Twain

As soon as I wake up and do my morning success routine I feel like a boss. Ready to crash my day I look at me to do list and I decide which tasks I am going to tackle first. Naturally me and most of the people will go after what is easy and will give you an instant gratification.  Whether that is getting through my email list, checking all the possible analytics on my projects and cooking. I will prorastonate with all the things I do not like or I doing them will requitre some time thinking how to actually handle them.


Prioritize the Hardest Things First and Tackle It Head On

Mark Twain wisely said, “If you eat a frog first thing in the morning that will probably be the worst thing you do all day.”

In Brian`s Tracy book  Eat That Frog: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time the author gives a very simple advice start the day out by doing the things you like least first, you’ll get them out of the way so you can enjoy your day more and be more productive and fulfilled.


For entrepreneurs that means asking yourself a question: which thing on your to do list scare you the most?  And literally eating it for breakfast. Making this damn phone call to potential customer, talking to your customers about their problems, following up on this contact., or maybe something totally different. Most important whatever scares you tackle it first thing in the morning.


Why would you do that?

Cause you are a hustler and this is just what you do. You are faced with something hard – you do not postpone it – you tackle it. You do not overthink  you do and this action defines you.  Eat That Frog is an excellent read and it challenged me to go into my day with the goal of doing the hardest things first. When I get the most dreaded things out of the way right off the bat, it gives me so much momentum for the rest of the day!


There are at least three good reasons for behaving this way:

  1. You’ll get the icky thing done sooner. That ‘looming’ feeling will go away.
  2. You’ll feel good and effective. It takes a strong-willed person, after all, to fill out those ten pages of paperwork before doing some interesting but tangential reading that may or may not be about Doctor Who . . .
  3. You’ll have used your will-power,limited resource that it is, in the most effective way possible. When your will-power resources were at their peak, you used as much as you needed to get through what you needed to do. You have less left now, but that’s okay. You need less for tasks that are more enjoyable.

But getting into the habit of facing those unpleasant or challenging tasks straight away it’s a great habit for any person and aspiring entrepreneur.

Save the Best for Last

Once you’ve accomplished your most dreaded tasks for the day, reward yourself with some of the tasks you enjoy doing. This will give you something to look forward to when you’re in the midst of doing your hard tasks and will probably give you motivation to accomplish them more quickly.

Practical Application

1) Read this great article: Start Your Day By Eating a Frog for some great step-by-step help in prioritizing your day.

2) Determine what you tend to procrastinate on and develop a plan of action for making it a first priority.

3) If you have a chance, check out Eat That Frog: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time from your local library. It’s a quick read and it’s packed with helpful inspiration.

7 Growth Hacking Tools to Help You Speed Up Your Game

Growth Hacking Tools

The ultimate goal of growth hacking is to obtain measurable and scalable results that can help you build your business with long term results.  The growth of your business and its success usually depends upon the marketing tools that you use especially when you want to optimize results from your marketing efforts. Growth hacking is a process that is made more convenient using tools that come with great features depending upon your marketing goals. To narrow down your search, here are some useful growth hacking tools and their significant features.

1. Mixrank (

Mixrank provides an intelligent tool that is very useful for advertising industry that allows the users to identify competitive advertising tactics from their competitors. It is possible to obtain insights about another company’s ad campaigns, track the major advertisers in a particular field or industry and the players in profitable online publishing market. This growth hacking tool is most useful for small companies that are just beginning to grow their business and with a small budget to spend for marketing tools.

2. Mail Gun (

Mail Gun is a growth hacking tool that is useful for email marketers. It provides a powerful API that tracks down emails that you receive and send to your target customers. The process allows the user to effortlessly obtain data for analysis as the tool monitors the clicks, subscriptions, complains and many others. You easily get timely notification about events and you can create simple tagging and multiple email campaigns.

3. Mail Chimp (

Mail Chimp offered reliable email marketing value to their users. An advantage feature of this tool is its ability to provide reports for your email marketing campaigns. The tool is integrated with Google Analytics that will enable you to target your market sales and send marketing emails to targeted customers. With the tool you can monitor sales, improve revenues, attain your goals and make necessary improvements on your email marketing campaigns when needed.

4. Survey Monkey (

This tool is very useful for online marketers who want to understand the preferences of their target customers. Through surveys you can easily obtain valuable data that will help to improve your services and product development concept to address your customers’ needs. You can customize your own survey to obtain the information that you need or make use of their templates.  As you collect the data that you need you can start analyzing them and make the best marketing decisions for your business.

5. Crazy Egg (

Using this tool will give you the ability to visualize where your web visitors are clicking and view the weak points of your marketing schemes. With its heat map feature you will know which elements in your website attract your web visitors the most. You will also how far each visitor views your page with its scroll map tool and which part of the page your visitors abandon. The tool also provides an insight on the number of clicks made by your visitors on each page.   This offers a valuable information on discovering which element of your site offers the greatest traffic from your visitors and to improve the ones that get less traffic.

6. Hootsuite (

This is a good source of growth hacking tool to manage your social media account, monitor and measure your social media marketing campaign results. Even when you have multiple social networks Hootsuite allows you to manage your marketing opportunities such as scheduling your tweets and messaging, track brand mentions, and analyze the social media traffic.

7. Optimizely (

This is a tool that helps in increasing the interaction and conversion of your website to your audience. It gauges the engagement of your potential customers to your website or business. It offers technical sources for optimizing your website and provides you technical information and data that are essential in improving your website conversion.  It offers measurable data that you can translate into productivity for your business.