Welcome to the world of craziness, fun, energy, passion, the world where being yourself means being your best and nothing else.

The world driven by the idea to give, create, solve problems, provide value, help. The world filled with a delusion that we can change the world because we will. The world where you are comfortable being uncomfortable and where there is no try.

Welcome to our world.

Owing our story, living our truth and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do. Let go of who you are supposed to be and embrace who you are



Over last few years Aga has founded a number of companies including Niwa, an IoT green-tech company which backed by SOS Ventures raised over $150k on Kickstarter, a high growth marketing agency and a successful not for profit.

Her new obsession is movement.

She is working on a world’s first fitness platform and technology teaching advanced calisthenics, movement and gymnastic skills like planches, backflips, levers, human flags through progressions. 

In her free time she trains, advises multiple startups, travel the world and shares her lessons at her personal blog sheisonfire.com




A few years ago I got badly injured. I was out for over a year feeling pretty miserable.

That was the time when I discovered calisthenics, progressions and all the things you can do just with your body.

It not only helped me to rebuilt my strength through progressions but it also completely changed my approach to fitness, my body and how I train. Since then I embarked on a journey of play: exploring my body, training for skill, trying new things from parkour, tricking, acrobatics, rings and straps and being amazed just how much I love moving, how much more fun it is than pumping iron and sweating it out, how enjoyable and refreshing can be learning new skills, breathing and all that while getting insanely strong, mobile, flexible, agile and healthy like I never was before.

It turns out that I am not the only one who would rather play then sweat out in the gym.

There is something remarkable happening in the world of movement right now.

A shift from work to play, from sweat to skill development, from short term goals to getting on a lifelong journey of exploring our own bodies and what are they capable of.

We have seen it in various movement disciplines gaining momentum from callisthenics, parkour, gymnastics, tricking, acrobatics, yoga.  Among all of them there is one thing in common: working with your own bodyweight towards mastery and uncovering what your body is truly capable of.

That’s why we are building The Movement Athlete Platform.

We want to bring it all together, promote the philosophy and make training available to everyone on earth.

Our vision is simple.

To build tools – technology, platform, information, training programs, physical facilities to enable, empower and train a new wave of movement athletes – those who use their own body to push the impossible.

Our main focus at the moment is the development of the technology which in a personalised way will set anyone on a journey of a lifetime to unleash their full physical potential.

You think you would never be able to do human flag? or that planche is out of your reach? We will show you exactly how to get there – and you will not only learn a skill – you will get strong, mobile, agile, lose body fat and have fun – like with no other training program.

The technology asses the athletes on variety of measures for mobility, flexibility and strength and creates a personalised training program just for them. Athletes go through specific progressions to unlock more and more advanced movements as well as strength, mobility and flexibility levels.

All while learning new skills, developing all round mobility, flexibility, strength and skill and having fun with the community.

Your body is capable of so much more. The only question is: will you ever find out of just how much…


We are HIRING! 



I am a serial entrepreneur, growth hacker and un-hustler.

Since leaving Poland at the age of 18 I have had a chance to found and be a part of some amazing startups:

Ignite Consultants: While living in NZ I founded a social business called. Ignite Consultants.

Ignite Consultants is a reflection of my passion for social entrepreneurship and a response to the big movement towards better, more sustainable world where innovative solutions are developed to “do well and do good” and business profits are used to address social problems.

Ignite is a consultancy at which, through providing student driven consulting services for not for profits, we want to build partnerships, channel resources and develop leaders for the growth of sustainable society.

We grew from 0 to 100 consultants in a year and now Ignite is a nationwide organization.

Lifetime Health Diary – was a healthcare startup I dropped out from uni to join. I loved the challenging environment and was driving force behind product and business development.

Power Of Search – my baby-  a Growth focused Marketing Agency – which enables me to put to work all my marketing and hustle skills to grow my own and other people projects

BWTA – is an awesome website about Calisthenics – the most effective bodyweight strength training on earth! After getting injured in CrossFit I set myself on a journey to promote calisthenics which I have built to 100k/ month unique visitors just from organic traffic! BOOOYA!

NIWA: was a heck of a journey. We were developing the technology to make growing plants and food as easy as playing with your smartphone. We had a chance to be a part of HAX – the most prominent hardware accelerator in the world, spent long months in China working on manufacturing,  raised 150k on Kickstarter and we are just about to close an investment round.

agnieszka nazaruk niwa



I love speaking and sharing the knowledge and hustle. I regularly collaborate with Google and GSV Labs and mentor in acceleratrs all over the world including Google Launch Pag in London and San Francisco. Global Silicon Valley, Rocket Starter Poland and more.

Recently I had an opportunity to be featured in a book about female founders

And be a lead marketing mentor in Google Launch Pad Accelerator and Global Silicon Valley (GSV ) in SF.

I’ve been honoured to share the stage with people like the president of Poland at Economic Forum in Krynica, many innovators at Expand Engadget in NY and attend and speak at multiple conferences all over the world like London Food Tech Week or Get Inspired Fest. 


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I talk about hardware revolution, future of food and personal food production.. and.. hustle – obviously:)


Agnieszka Nazaruk speaking at the conference

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I am also a frequent contributor to Blueprint Entrepreneur Magazine.

I had a pleasure to have been featured in multiple magazines both with Niwa and about my personal story including:

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I am a hustler at heart, experimenter, with a background in psychology and statistics curious about life and what makes us tick. I love passionately throwing myself into what I do.

This site it’s about a journey of a lifetime which we dreamed up and follow within courage and passion.

I promised myself that I will never let my life to get boring, never let myself to forget how awesome it is and to fall into the scheme of working from 9-5 being primarily motivated by earning money.

Life is indeed an awesome adventure.Join ME!



Since I dropped out form uni I have lived in between Asia, NZ, China, UK, US. Last two years I haven’t been longer in one place than 2-3 months. Love travel, adventure and meeting new people.

Personally my favorite is South East Asia where I will be heading next year for longer.

love dancing, observing, enjoying contact, being brave, taking on challenges, traveling, climbing trees, free running, laughing really loud, wrestling, trapping the best moments of life in shots, being a pirate 🙂


Kickstarter, Hardware startups, distribution, customer development, bootstrapping, interns, managing teams, building an awesome culture, productivity, luck dreaming,  burning man, travel, location independence



Aga`s people skills, enormous amounts of passion, creativity and commitment are the driving forces behind this inspirational leader. You know that when you are working with Agnieszka that things are going to get done and you’re going to have a lot of fun in the process. 

Callum Moorhead
Marketing Consultant at Gabriel Investments


Agnieszka is one of the most energetic, initiative, positive and inspiring people I’ve ever met. A change-maker and an impact-person

Katerina Jackson-Suchkova
Product Visionary. Strategist. Entrepreneur.


I was impressed with the development, commitment and innovative from Agnieszka as she developed Ignite Consultants. This not for profit group of students with a strong direction for Social Innovation is a building platform for our future Social Entrepreneurs

Rosey McConnon




“There are far too many smart, educated, talented people operating at quarter speed, unsure of their place in the world, contributing far too little to the productive engine of modern civilization. There are far too many people who look like they have their act together but have yet to make an impact. You know who you are. It comes down to a simple gut check: You either love what you do or you don’t. Period.” – Po Bronson


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