5 Insights from Tony Robbins that I practice daily and why you should too

There is no doubt that Tony is the man if it comes to teaching people to deliver results. He has impacted millions of people all around the world mine including.  I have been to many of his events and just recently when getting through my notes I saw a bunch of things underlined with my red marker with the note REMEMBER.  Now I remember listening to the workshop on sales he was giving and how it totally changed the way I looked at the sales game.  Here are a few insights from my note as much applicable to sales as to our own lives.

Tony has coached presidents, celebrities and Olympic athletes to perform at their top of their game. Putting the secrets above into action will improve your performance too. The mark of a great leader is one who is highly coachable. So let these ideas guide you to higher commissions, happier clients, and ultimate satisfaction.


These are my 5 favorite ones which since then I incorporated in my daily thinking and program my mindset.

#1 Know Your Purpose

Being present and knowing inherently why you do what you so will put you at peace. It`s so easy to get caught with daily tasks, routines, follow the pressure of our environments and people around us. But knowing why you do what you do can get you though the most tough moments in your life. Remembering why you are here, what is your purpose, what impact you want to have, what legacy you will leave, what values you represent what do you stand for  is the most important question to ask yourself every day. Knowing your purpose changes the game, changes every minute of your life.

# 2 Give positive meaning to everything

You know these moments when somebody doesn’t show up or something goes wrong. We are thought to assume the worst. What if they do not like us, what if I di something wrong, what if … The truth is that there is so many things out of your control that wasting your precious energy for worrying about this things is counterproductive especially in your entrepreneurial life. Always assume the best, keep positive attitude no matter the issue. A big thing for me was realising that no matter what happens everything is perfect – and this is not saying that I am giving up trying and there is a force controlling my life. No. But there is so many things out of my control. Always do your best and expect great things to happen. If they do not try again. Everything happens for a reason. Always.

#4 Know that everyone is unique, different, and amazing

We are all awesome. We all have unique abilities, skills and talents and there is not such a thing as being better than anyone else. Especially in startup environment people have this tendency of thinking highly about themselves instead of humbly listening and learning from others.  Looking at the world through the lens that everyone has meaning, everybody has a lesson to teach you, everybody know something you do not will positively affect every facet of your performance, your business and your own personal life. We all play in the same game.

#5 Be driven by your desire for adventure

I love this one and I try to practice its everyday. When you turn your fears into an adventure mindset things start becoming much more exciting/. The question here is though what drives you? Your past?  Are you trying to proof something? Are you scared?

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