Personal Development Events DON’T WORK (or do they?)

When i was in my early 20 i spend a lot of the time attending self-development seminars.

I did T.Harv  Eker, Tony Robbins, tonnes of financial freedom and investing seminars


I apply everything i have learn and probably for 3-4 years i would attend these over and over again every single year


Yet in december 2013 I still found myself in a situation where i was making hardly any cash, things just weren’t working out, I was unhappy.


And I remember being so angry and annoyed, almost pitting myself  

That I did all these seminars and none of them didn’t work.

That I worked so hard on my mindset and it didn’t work.

That I took all the actions and it didn’t work


Now I know that what was the reason

Not only I did not take responsibility for my own life and try to blame people doing the seminars for my failures


I also didn’t understand yet what it takes to really change the mindset.

I wasn’t ready to truly OWN my life.


I don’t know if it’s the case for other people. It is for me and it doesn’t come naturally to me.




Discipline does not come naturally to me. I am not a discipline kid. Quite reverse. I have a shiny object syndrome, ADHD and have troubles focusing.



Consistency is CRITICAL to manage your mind, build anything, do what you want to do in life, be happy.




And for me discipline takes tremendous work.

It takes extreme self awarness which I can achieve only through daily reflection

It takes examining my beliefs

It takes journaling

It takes grit

It takes so much yet its so worth it




If there is one thing I wish I would have more of is that. But just like with everything.


DISCIPLINE is a MUSCLE, its a SKILL and it needs to be exerciseed every single day.

In and out.


Without it there is nothing

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