Success Is a Habit – Use this one tool to turn every day into a success and feel great!

I have been telling my friends recently about the little thing me and my few close friends do every day to develop and keep the habit of being successful.  We call it a success thread.

We call it a Success thread

It`s  a simple email thread which we send to each other’s every single day which includes usually 10 things we are grateful for today, 5 successes from previous day and 5 goals we wish to accomplish today.

Success breeds success

Its premise is simple. We are creatures of habits. Research shows that those who participate in a daily routine are 3 times more likely to stay on their program than those who participate 6 days a week and fare 5 times better than those who participate 3,4 or 5 times a week. Therefore for the best results, use your program daily.

Additionally ”like attracts like” and “success breeds success”. The more you feel successful the more success will come your way. You cannot feel successful if you do not look for and acknowledge your successes. The successes can be major or minor it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you acknowledge yourself for whatever you did do.

Do not look for what you did not or did not get done or could have done better. That’s a loser’s way of looking at the world. Look specifically for the progress you made in the arena be it financial, business, health, fitness, relationship, learning, servicing or any other.

So we write everything from big wins eg.

  • I made X sales
  • I had a meeting with investor

to the tiny ones like

  • I watched a movie and relaxed
  • I made a delicious dinner.

Point is – you HAVE to write 5 or more no matter what!

We do it in an intimate group of very close friends. From time to time somebody will through an inspiring quote, scream whop whop and acknowledge others. And it does a few things for us

  • Keep everybody in the loop even if we are not talking directly on what is happening with everybody else’s project.
  • Motivate us and makes us feel good
  • Makes us feel like a successful badgers every single day
  • Pushes us to actually get something done to put on our list


Team Success Thread

We tried it also in a team settings and it worked just great. It raises engagement and accountability. For us as founders it was a great way to track our team which was working remotely in a softer manner than we usually do. Everyday everybody share the 3 things

  1. 5 biggest successes
  2. Biggest challenges and how you plan to overcome them. Do you need any help from anybody?
  3. 5 things you plan to accomplish on the next day.

On our weekly meetings we would do the same thing. Celebrate all the successes from the week from each person and review their focus areas for the next week. We loved and our team too. It is a great way to stay in touch and on track with what everybody is doing, keep transparency and keep pulse on all the challenges your team face on the day to day basis.


To sum up – the frequency of which I do this exercises is directly correlated with how I feel and how well I tackle every day. There is plenty of research showing that gratitude is one of the biggest factors leading to wellbeing. Starting the day with the positive attitude and knowing that there is so many things I can be grateful for sets the theme for a whole day. Feeling of being successful just naturally makes me successful the following day.  What you focus on Expands.


What are your daily habits that are keeping your moods up and make you perform great?

Slow Down Hyper Active Hustler

It was my second training and first time in my life when I was lifting 30 kg above my head on a barbell. I needed 3 rounds of 20 reps as fast as possible. In the last round there were a few times when I lifted it, got it above my head but did not managed to straighten my arms and ended up dropping the weight.


My trainer said, Aga, look you rush yourself unnecessary. You put all this energy, all this effort –to get this thing above the head yet you do not hit the rep (meaning I do not straighten my arms hence the rep doesn’t count) All this energy is wasted and you miss the rep…


In my head I was just thinking one thing… This is so my life.


I have this very often unnecessary “need for speed”  which instead of driving me forward puts me back and makes me slower.  I am naturally hyper, and like to get results fast. How fast? Faster than anybody thinks it`s possible. Driving traffic to the site? Bringing your income up to $10,000/ month? Doing a summer salto?  This rush served me well often in a startup environment – where speed is so important and you can see your results on a daily basis. This need for speed made a few of my startups fail with a big bang in a very short period of time, ruin a few very important business relationship and miss many funding opportunities. This need for speed made a depressed and miserable when I couldn’t hit my goals.


I think the biggest one was when I took on a challenge of making money online, passively within a few months.  I am a pretty determined kid, but equipped just with knowledge form Tim Ferris books, not understanding what it takes and focusing on ways which can generate quick income (I mean like in a week) I hit the wall. And do not get me wrong, I have learnt so much, and I have taken massive action priding myself in being a doer and a hustler. But I was running in the wrong direction and focusing on wrong things on the way.

Like with lifting, I wasted so much energy trying to be fast instead of focusing on the right technique, making sure my legs and elbows are in the right position, getting my breathing right and then going slowly and smoothly up.

If I would only acknowledge that its ok to go slower I would get that rep quicker.

And it might be that I am naturally hyper active, but I also a child of fast results. The environment where speed is everything, where we are taught instant gratification, where the results of your work should be visible NOW.

I have learnt my lessons and I become much more reflective, analytical and strategic with my thinking. As my trainer says slow is smooth smooth is fast. I am still hyper active but I know that with the right technique and strategy I can use my need for speed to win any game.

What are your thoughts on going too fast in your business?

10 lessons in Business and life

The dream of driving your own project, the thrill of creating something, the thought that you can inspire or provide value to others on a bigger scale, that you are doing something meaningful – is what made throw myself into entrepreneurship in the first place. Over last few years I have done and fail a number of project, but the lessons I have learnt are invaluable for anyone who is thinking about setting up your own business. Here are a few of them.


Believe in Yourself

So simple and so hard. You might not have all the skills in the world but you need to believe that you will find or create a way no matter what. You need to believe that you have the power to pull resources, work out strategies but all the more believe that you can learn. Its ok to not know – you will learn as you go. Just believe you can make it no matter what.

Develop a Strong Vision

This will drive you. Anytime you will have a down time – come back to it. Feel it, touch it, smell it. It will instantly bring you back on your path. Remember the biggest the why the easier the how.

Do It for the Right Reason

It’s easy to get caught in ideas especially those which promise quick money returns. Make sure you are not chasing just money. Focus on creating the value and the bigger value you will create and deliver to as many people as possible the more money you will make. Financial feasibility is important but make sure that the number are not the only reason you want to make it. I promise you it will make you miserable.

Embrace Confusion

Whatever you want to build there will be lots of confusion going on. Embrace it – you are creating something, and learning. That is why startup environment especially at the beginning its so hectic, we are learning hence the strategies we are applying will be changing according to what we learn.  Every time you are confused – tell yourself this is a good, think – that are the only means you are learning and growing. Push through it and soon you will see the light.


Fail you way to success

Get used to it. You will fail. And its not going to be fun, it will be very uncool, people will think things about you, you will not be a cool entrepreneur with cool things. You will be a looser and a winner at the same time. Your learning will help you win. Failing is good unless you are moving forward and learning from it. Fail fast and learn quickly move on to the next idea/project. Use the Customer Development Frameworks and Lean startup up to quickly test your market and your idea and move on. Customer interview can be done in less than a week.


Most important, stand up, get yourself sorted and move on. The longer you stay in the fail state the worse it will end up for you.


 It will take time – Be patient

I heard a lot of people making money overnight especially in internet marketing space, you hear about entrepreneurs mostly when they are successful and you believe that these things happen instantly. But hardly anybody talks that the 20k in one day was followed by years of learning, experimenting, testing, adapting. Your success will be built on hard work and patience

If you are hyper like me with extreme drive and need for speed – then learning patience will be the hardest and most important thing on your journey. Focus on making progress on a day to day basis. One step at the time and you will get there.

Be persistent

You bet you hear that a lot. But be prepared for that. There will be times when u will be fed up, you will question your ideas your actions and your existence – the usual. You will be sick of where you are, that thing doesn’t seem to make progress etc. This is the moment when you need to push harder and stick with it! That will make you the winner! There will be situations when you will have to make a pivot, or it will be a time to change your strategy, but most of the time stick with it.


Build Strong Networks

Nobody is a self-made millionaire. Even if you do not want to be a millionaire and you just want to build a small lifestyle blog or business you need support. And people will want to help you. Find the best in your industry and follow them. Develop a strong network of friends to support you. Get a mentor and a coach to keep you accountable.


Be humble/ listen and learn from others

So you have a biz idea, and maybe your business already – now you are a cool kid entrepreneur. Most successful ones listen and are committed to never ending learning and improvement. Be ready to listen and learn especially at the beginning. Listen to your customers; to you team, to your grandma, to people in the bus. Filter but acknowledge. If you can master that you are on the right track.


 Trust Your Gut

It comes ith your confidence. I made many mistakes following the advice of other people inspite of trusting my own feelings. No matter what others say look inside yourself and get the answers. Ultimatley you need to learn from others but its your path you need to follow not anybody elses.


 Bring on a great team

When the time is right you will want to bring people on board. Make sure every single one is better than you. Enough said.


Celebrate all successes.

The smallest ones. Develop a habit of being successful. We practice in our team and with my close friends what we call a success thread. Everyone sends an email everyday with their successes from the previous days/ goals for this day / biggest challenges we face now and what we are grateful for.

If you are successful at small things you will be successful at big things.



How successful people eat hustle for breakfast

“Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” -Mark Twain

As soon as I wake up and do my morning success routine I feel like a boss. Ready to crash my day I look at me to do list and I decide which tasks I am going to tackle first. Naturally me and most of the people will go after what is easy and will give you an instant gratification.  Whether that is getting through my email list, checking all the possible analytics on my projects and cooking. I will prorastonate with all the things I do not like or I doing them will requitre some time thinking how to actually handle them.


Prioritize the Hardest Things First and Tackle It Head On

Mark Twain wisely said, “If you eat a frog first thing in the morning that will probably be the worst thing you do all day.”

In Brian`s Tracy book  Eat That Frog: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time the author gives a very simple advice start the day out by doing the things you like least first, you’ll get them out of the way so you can enjoy your day more and be more productive and fulfilled.


For entrepreneurs that means asking yourself a question: which thing on your to do list scare you the most?  And literally eating it for breakfast. Making this damn phone call to potential customer, talking to your customers about their problems, following up on this contact., or maybe something totally different. Most important whatever scares you tackle it first thing in the morning.


Why would you do that?

Cause you are a hustler and this is just what you do. You are faced with something hard – you do not postpone it – you tackle it. You do not overthink  you do and this action defines you.  Eat That Frog is an excellent read and it challenged me to go into my day with the goal of doing the hardest things first. When I get the most dreaded things out of the way right off the bat, it gives me so much momentum for the rest of the day!


There are at least three good reasons for behaving this way:

  1. You’ll get the icky thing done sooner. That ‘looming’ feeling will go away.
  2. You’ll feel good and effective. It takes a strong-willed person, after all, to fill out those ten pages of paperwork before doing some interesting but tangential reading that may or may not be about Doctor Who . . .
  3. You’ll have used your will-power,limited resource that it is, in the most effective way possible. When your will-power resources were at their peak, you used as much as you needed to get through what you needed to do. You have less left now, but that’s okay. You need less for tasks that are more enjoyable.

But getting into the habit of facing those unpleasant or challenging tasks straight away it’s a great habit for any person and aspiring entrepreneur.

Save the Best for Last

Once you’ve accomplished your most dreaded tasks for the day, reward yourself with some of the tasks you enjoy doing. This will give you something to look forward to when you’re in the midst of doing your hard tasks and will probably give you motivation to accomplish them more quickly.

Practical Application

1) Read this great article: Start Your Day By Eating a Frog for some great step-by-step help in prioritizing your day.

2) Determine what you tend to procrastinate on and develop a plan of action for making it a first priority.

3) If you have a chance, check out Eat That Frog: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time from your local library. It’s a quick read and it’s packed with helpful inspiration.