“No one is a self made man” – how in person masterminds can change your life.

“Like everyone, to get to where I am, I stood on the shoulders of giants. My life was built on a foundation of parents, coaches, and teachers, friends; of kind souls who lent coaches or gym back rooms where I could sleep; of mentors who shared wisdom and advice; of idols who motivated me from the pages of magazines (and, as my life grew, from personal interaction).
I had a big vision, and I had a fire in my belly. But I would never have gotten anywhere without others supporting me” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Chasing your dreams, especially on the entrepreneurial journey can get really lonely, tough, confusing.

You get inside your head a lot, you often can’t see past your limiting beliefs, fears and struggles. You are good at some things and then you suck at everything else. The blind spots – the things we usually can’t see is what often is holding us back from taking action, growing and expanding.

Sometimes a single conversation or realisation makes everything fall in place.

For last few years, we have been so blessed to have a solid group of people, who just like us are going hard after their dreams and share this incredible journey with us. And I need to say, every single of these gatherings have been life changing.
This time we got together on beautiful Koh Panghan to spend a week in an amazing villa with a private beach for masterminds, hot seats, coworking and adventures.

And it has been mind blowing!

Every time we meet breakthroughs happen.
Every time we meet I feel so grateful for the depth of connection we share and the journey we are on.
Every time we meet I feel stronger, more confident and fired up to go faster, think bigger and excited to meet again in 6 months to show off my progress.
Every time we meet I gain clarity
Every time we meet I feel like we are in it together.

Imagine a group of people that sees you, your progress, your limiting beliefs and can tell you exactly where are you stuck, what needs to change, point the bottlenecks and suggest strategies going forward?

And when it all happens you start moving so much faster. The things that normally takes months would take weeks, the clarity you gain means that all is left is action.

Not just random masterminds, friendships and events but folks who are there long term, who are consistently committed to showing up, to supporting you, calling you out on your bullshit and giving tough love when needed. Folks who you open up to and go deep to break through any limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

So grateful for all of you guys and thank you for an incredible week. I have learnt so much from every single one of you and I am ready to really level up in next 6 months.

See you all really soon!

If you are an entrepreneur / digital nomad looking for a tribe – check out http://stromboliretreat.com/
happening this summer on an Active Volcano in Italy.


How badly do you really want it

I hear so many EXCUSES. Everything from

  • [insert the country you live in] is not good enough
  • I don’t know enough
  • I don’t know how to get started
  • I don’t have money
  • I don’t have a support network.
  • I have a job

And honestly, I think these ones are ok. These are explicit excuses –  You can work with them.

The WORST are those silent ones. Those unconscious. Those not visible, those which DON’T seem like excuses or complaints at all.

I had this amazing conversation with a very smart woman who is telling me how she doesn’t like her job and really wants to quit, but it’s struggling. She loves to travel. For every excuse she has to not to do it ,I am offering a number of solutions.

After a while, there is no more “buts”. She runs out of excuses.

It feels like we hit the wall. Feels like she says she wants to change but doesn’t really. (???)

Like there is some unconscious, or now maybe more conscious, resistance running through her head and showing up right now when all the excuses were smashed.

Here is the thing.

  • Everyone like the idea of living the life they love.
  • Everyone like the idea of growing and being an entrepreneur.
  • Everyone like the idea of traveling and moving every 6 months to see our beautiful planet.
  • Everyone likes the idea of being a millionaire.


The problem is 99,99% just don’t want it bad enough

I promise you if you haven’t taken action yet – you don’t have strong enough reasons to pull you where you need to be. 

And there is a chance that you will stay that way, for years. Maybe even forever.

Never taking a chance, never living the live you wont, never taking any risk because the time was not right, and you weren’t ready and this and that….

And those REASONS that will pull you forward don’t magically appear. They don’t come in a form of some insight or a revolution. Sometimes you will need to hit a wall to change but there is an easier way….


“Until you really want to change, you won’t, even if deep down you believe you should.

Yet, once your desire shifts, changing your behavior is instant and effortless. If you no longer desire bad food, it’s not hard to “resist” it. Willpower is for people who haven’t made up their minds. Willpower doesn’t work.

If you no longer desire mediocrity, you won’t be mediocre. Herein lies a subtle and disarming truth — everything you have in your life is what you want. If you wanted something different, you’d have something different. As James Allen wrote, your circumstances reveal you.

Own it.

Until you own it, you’ll continue to be delusional. Once you own it, you can begin the process of change.”

So how do you develop something that pulls you so strong that nothing else matters?

1.Extreme Ownership

Before anything, you need to develop an attitude of extreme ownership.

You need to take responsibility for EVERYTHING that is happening to you. No excuses.

2. Vision

Then you need to develop the pull.

And this its easier a strong enough vision for how you want your life to be OR

a strong enough vision for what you will never settle for, what you will never want in your life. It’s the feelings you never want to feel again its things you hate, its thing you refuse to happen.

They need to be vivid, details and solid so when you think about them they CAUSE EMOTION.

3. Repetition

Once you have both – you bring them in front of you EVERY SINGLE DAY. No, not once a month, not just once a year when you are reflecting.


I am not joking. Consistency is a key here.

Believe me if you won’t – IT Won’t HAPPEN. GUARANTEE. You must KNOW what you know and what you dont WANT. And remind  yourself about it every single day!

Researchers in the USA looked at millionaires and billionaires, examining the differences between the two groups. One fascinating difference was that millionaires looked at their goals once a day and billionaires looked at their goals twice a day! They say ‘it costs nothing to look’, which is generally correct but the reverse is definitely true in this case. If you don’t look, it will cost you! Having a date for your dreams is like giving a student a deadline for an assignment. All the action is last minute,and if you didn’t set a deadline you’d never get it done!

4. Take Chances – Its fun!

Ready to stop being mediocre?


Just get out there and try it. With indecision you are sure to fail. If you try it there is at least the possibility of success.



So excited to officially announce the applications for Stromboli Volcano Retreat are finally open!
Join 20 entrepreneurs for 9 days for adventure, business talks, and breakthroughs. All on the amazing Volcanic island of Stromboli in the heart of Italy. Sounds Awesome? APPLY HERE

Whole team including two amazing entrepreneurs Amar Ghose and Logan Elliott has been working really hard to put it together and we are just so excited to have an opportunity to invite others to join the adventure!

Over the last few years, we had a chance to be part of some incredible groups, events and retreats. Every time when we get together with other entrepreneurs something amazing happens.

We gain speed, clarity and confidence, we move faster and think bigger.

These gatherings is what enabled us to develop friendships for life, get the support we need, clear our minds, break through limiting beliefs and things that were holding us back – all while adventuring the world, living the life we love with people who just like us are going hard at what they want and building incredible businesses.
Hence, this summer we want to do it again and bring a hand-picked group of driven, ambitious entrepreneurs for 9 days of business and adventure, work and play, friendships and breakthroughs.
If you feel like you are missing a community that has your back, want to learn and accelerate your business, get clarity on your next steps -all while living the adventure – check it out.
We are doing it at the cost as we want to bring an amazing group that we go deep with, mastermind and have fun.
Please join, share it with your friends and help us spread the word!

See you in Italy!


People are lousy.

I hear Aga you are so energetic.

I don’t have the energy to do that

Let me tell you something. YOU CREATE ENERGY – no one has been born with unlimited amounts of energy but if you want to create anything of value in this world you will need ENERGY.

And not just over 10 hours when you are awake. You will need energy which will get you through 12 h days, overnights because that is what it takes to build something.

There are a few tips and tricks I have learnt over the years to make sure my energy is HIGH.

Start with the foundation and get it right:  food + exercise


Fasting and more fasting. Read this article I have been doing fasting for years now and it’s insane how much it skyrocketed my productivity, not even mentioning rewiring my brain, increasing longevity and helping my immune system.


Lack of movement affects you more than you think and with our sedentary lifestyle it’s kinda insane how little we move. Even



  • Check room temperature

We are most productive when it’s a little bit cold

  • Check lighting
  • Clean your desk.
  • Get the music right


  • Check in with your mind. Do you have a clarity on what you are doing?
  • Are You feeling lousy because….


  • Change your physical position
  • 3 minutes high-intensity exercise to bring your heart rate up
  • smile or put the pen inside your mount





Fighting with fear & making business play again


When I dropped out from uni I had a few strong beliefs and reasons in mind, which are very much reflective on how i operate and what are my priorities

  1. I saw entrepreneurship as a best way to make an impact in a way (wanting to make an impact)
  2. Entrepreneurship is the biggest growth machine (growth drive)
  3. I had so much fun building businesses with different people that I simply could not not do that (Play) – I love the game, love the processes, love ups and downs.


So every time business stop being a play – it means that something in my head is off.

Something is not working and things HAVE to change.


It’s been almost 8 years since that decision that changed my life and with all the ups and downs business is not always a play. Especially if you’re ligand livelihood depends on it. Where your basic safety is threatened.


So sometimes it’s simply not fun.

But there is a difference between these two states


  1. Being constantly stressed, threatened and feeling like things will fall apart and simply
  1. Being challenged, facing a challenge loving a challenge, loving the process, loving the downs and still playing, having fun, growing.


And the difference is in the MINDSET

Is in mine and yours self talk. Is how we talk to ourselves, how we treat ourselves and how we interpret the situation.


The self talk difference between

  1. How am I going to pay my bills next month?


  1. How can we make more money?


And no it’s not evident. Its subtle, It’s the thoughts you are unaware of that enter your mind and determine everything you do.


Beliefs —> Thoughts —> Actions —> Results


I have been in both. And I usually feel it in my body. I am sometimes to caught to be aware in my head but every time I can feel it in my body and how I show up in the world.


My body gets tense, I feel it in my throat, i find myself wanting to spend more time alone, I find it hard to move and it’s mostly because I am numb and frozen.

In that state – I execute on everything reactive and I am struggling with creative tasks

In that mode i usually drop the ball on my daily movement practice because it forces me to relax and flow and doing that would mean letting things go.


Flow = letting things go and be happy


When I am in the fight mode, I am really tense and numb. I am still fighting, executing, hustling  but it’s all from a space of fear, scarcity, instead of the place of abundance.


And last week I have been mostly in the second one.


So this week I am setting a very clear intention to PLAY.

To enjoy the game of business and hustle again. To come from a space of experimenting, abundance, impact, making things happen.


Because when I play that’s when I create my best strategies, best ideas – and hey – I enjoy it too.
In next post I will let you know what strategies I am playing to execute on to bring more play into our work this week.


And here we go again. It’s first of January, new year ahead,  new chapter. Another year to grow and make a dent in the universe.

This year is a year of momentum – it’ss a big theme for me this is how I want to look at what I am building. I feel like in the past I would not be as consistent as I needed to be and that kills momentum. Momentum comes from consistency.

Below is a bunch of random thoughts, things that are important to be themes that I would like to guide me during this year,


Realising that was a big thing. Both from doing the Strenght Finder personality test but also analysing Anthony Robbins 8 human needs these 3 reflect what drives me and who I am as a human being. These drive all my behaviours and reflect my needs and usually guide my decision making.

  • – I am so hungry to grow, to push my limits to really get better every single day. I can sleep on a coach or an office floor if I only know that I am growing.
  • – I want to have a positive impact on everything around me, so whatever I do should contribute positively)
  • FUN
  • – fun and adventure is always very high up on my list. I love having new experiences and one of the reasons I do business is because I believe it’s fun.




ok, lets get on it. So here are some of the things I am hoping to achieve/ do / experience this year.

TMA (The Movement Athlete)

  • A content machine in pae – content being posted every single day
  • Great team in place
  • Team of trainers in place that create content every single week
  • Our first event scheduled
  • Solid revenue of over 30k / month all membership
  • One new product launched
  • Company Retreat at the end of the year


  • Move every single day even if it’s just a bit
  • Can do a number of acrobatics moves
  • Acrobatic Course in UK


  • My personal instagram account processes set up
  • 18 articles (2 a month)
  • 6 presentations posted
  • Weekly company updates sent out


  • Family reunion
  • A two week long celebration of me and Amar turning 30 this year in Thailand – where we can invite everyone and fly our families.



  • Meditation, reflection – morning/ evening – visualise the day + visualise the next day + write a to do list.
  • Training/ Moving every single day
  • Documenting my journey – 1 tidbit a day
  • Energy – monitor my food + green smoothies
  • Writing/ Listening to my goals Twice a day
  • Listening to Affirmations
  • Visualising the end of the year and making it clearer


  • Music meditation
  • Weekly finance review
  • Weekly relationship review – with other people
  • Weekly review of high/low patterns
  • Weekly rest + reflection


  • Self awareness
  • What can fuel my growth?
  • Growing the company – how to?
  • Insane focus + obsession (be a missionary)
  • To be in and out of state
  • Team management – be an incredible leader
  • Daily content creation



  • EXPONENTIAL GROWTH: stretches your talents, expands your mind, or tests your physical endurance
  • Unshakable belief in myself through – Self Awareness  – becoming so confident in myself, and humble, and solid that nothing will stop me, managing my mind on every front
  • Becoming a  leader – managing others and making the most of our their potential, helping them to realise their potential
  • Relationships fueled growth– 1. one on one mentorship, 2. tribe, 3. friendships



  • My goal is not to fall fast, my goal is to succeed long term.
  • I am not here to compete. I am here to win
  • Use your biggest flaws as your biggest advantages
  • “It’s not what you know – it’s what you d consistently
  • Don’t be a donkey – you have both
  • We are whatever we pretend to be
  • It’s the small details that make big difference for the company
  • Forward – We don’t stop. We don’t slow down, We don’t revisit decisions, We don’t second guess. Onward
  • Commit to having a strong view of things
  • Everything called life was created by people not smarter than you

My Theme for 2017 – Momentum – The Unstoppble Force

That feeling of things going your way, and even when a challenge pops up in front of you, the velocity you have rolls right over it. The best type of velocity is mental. When our mind is constantly working at overcoming the challenge, overcoming stumbling blocks, it means we’ve shi ed to a solution and positive expectancy mindset, which is an unstoppable force in our world.

Personal Development Events DON’T WORK (or do they?)

When i was in my early 20 i spend a lot of the time attending self-development seminars.

I did T.Harv  Eker, Tony Robbins, tonnes of financial freedom and investing seminars


I apply everything i have learn and probably for 3-4 years i would attend these over and over again every single year


Yet in december 2013 I still found myself in a situation where i was making hardly any cash, things just weren’t working out, I was unhappy.


And I remember being so angry and annoyed, almost pitting myself  

That I did all these seminars and none of them didn’t work.

That I worked so hard on my mindset and it didn’t work.

That I took all the actions and it didn’t work


Now I know that what was the reason

Not only I did not take responsibility for my own life and try to blame people doing the seminars for my failures


I also didn’t understand yet what it takes to really change the mindset.

I wasn’t ready to truly OWN my life.


I don’t know if it’s the case for other people. It is for me and it doesn’t come naturally to me.




Discipline does not come naturally to me. I am not a discipline kid. Quite reverse. I have a shiny object syndrome, ADHD and have troubles focusing.



Consistency is CRITICAL to manage your mind, build anything, do what you want to do in life, be happy.




And for me discipline takes tremendous work.

It takes extreme self awarness which I can achieve only through daily reflection

It takes examining my beliefs

It takes journaling

It takes grit

It takes so much yet its so worth it




If there is one thing I wish I would have more of is that. But just like with everything.


DISCIPLINE is a MUSCLE, its a SKILL and it needs to be exerciseed every single day.

In and out.


Without it there is nothing